Alternative Fuels

Electric Vehicles & Future Transportation

Future of Mass Transportation

Are Electric Vehicles the Future of Mass Transportation? Big cities around the world are at a crossroads for sustainable transportation: They need to find a way to combine mass transportation for billions of passengers while minimizing their environmental impact. Electric transportation popularity seems to be on the rise, but is there really any other durable solution? When upgrading or changing ...

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Top 5 Used Cars for Eco-Minded Drivers

The transportation sector is one of the largest contributors to the Earth’s warming, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), making up 28 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. Drivers can reduce their carbon footprint by driving less, choosing eco-friendly fuels or switching to electric of fuel-efficient cars. Not everyone can drive less or take public transportation, though. So, for commuters ...

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Apple vs. Tesla: Who Will Create the Better Electric Vehicle?

Project Titan

The cars and trucks we drive are a major cause of global warming. Collectively, vehicles account for nearly 1/5 of all emissions in the United States, emitting 24 pounds of green house gasses per gallon of gas. To efficiently cut down on the amount of harmful gasses our vehicles release into the air, we must consider adopting greener solutions, such ...

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Green Car Technology – Choosing the Best Car for Your Needs

Green Car

In the last 5 years, the world’s most developed countries started paying more attention to the great benefits of green cars. Whether we’re talking about classic hybrids, plug-in hybrids or battery-electric vehicles, there’s no doubt that the industry is developing fast. In 2013, US automakers sold almost 700,000 green cars, thus boosting the percentage with 21% compared to the same ...

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How Technology Has Improved Fuel Efficiency

Green Technology

It seems that from the time the first automobiles rolled off the assembly lines, gas mileage has been a concern for those making the vehicles as well as those sitting behind the wheel. However, as technology has advanced over the years, many changes have come to automobiles and their ability to increase fuel efficiency while also having less and less ...

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From evil to Earth-friendly: converting a diesel generator to biofuels


Diesel generators can be nasty things. Older models not equipped with air filters and catalytic converters can spew huge amounts of pollution into the air. In places like California’s Central Valley, older diesel generators still provide power to irrigate farmland. The Environmental Protection Agency is taking action by working to replacing old pumps, but many diesel generators are still kept on hand ...

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Plant-based car parts – stronger, lighter, greener

Plant-based car parts

As ludicrous as it may sound, several Brazilian scientists at the Sao Paulo College of Agricultural Science have demonstrated that fiber extraction techniques from fruit can make cars greener and more eco-friendly than ever. Plant-based car parts have finally penetrated the auto marketplace, and apparently they’re lighter and stronger than average parts currently available in auto shops. Car parts made ...

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