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According to The New York Times, roughly 25 percent of U.S. energy goes toward business-related needs — and Google accounts for a whopping 2 percent of that chunk.

Apple, Google & Other Industry Giants Race Toward Green Future

Industry Giants Going Green Is Good for Everyone

Large companies in a variety of industries are racing toward a green future. As world tech giants jockey for position in the green movement, other manufacturers are also running their green races. Businesses around the world are waking up to the reality of environmental concerns, increased energy expenses and shortages, and consumers with more environmental awareness and buying power.

As big business adopt green initiatives, they look toward using recycled materials, encourage the reuse of parts, and promote sustainability. This transition is expensive, and many companies are looking for ways to cut costs to accommodate the extra spending. Many of these companies find ways to save on utilities like business electric rates, shipping costs, and manufacturing costs.

Tech Companies Leading the Green Initiative

Apple– A leader in sustainable and green business is performing as expected of the tech giant when Al Gore was on the board. One of the goals set by Apple is to have as many stores as possible run entirely on renewable energy. Solar, hydro, and wind power are locally sourced when possible to run individual stores.

Google– Leaping into the renewable power self-supplier movement, Google has stated that 2017 is the year they go completely wind and solar powered to run their business. For a decade, Google marched forward and made deals with the solar and wind industries to use their energy. The end goal has always been to completely rely on renewable energy.

Other Tech Companies– IBM, INTEL, AT&T, and Microsoft, have all made a move toward going green. Renewable energy is the primary emphasis for many of the tech companies. Many of the tech companies use heavy metals and non-recyclable materials but are actively pursuing alternatives while going green as much as possible in other ways.

Food Industry Green Leaders

Whole Foods Market- As the first food industry player to declare their products 100% organic, Whole Foods is betting their financial success on the fact that consumers want healthy alternatives.

Aldi Foods– Known for its economical prices, Aldi is now going organic. They are on a mission to bring affordable and healthy food to everyone.

Big Box Store Going Green

More than 325 Walmart stores have solar panels installed. Recognized last year by President Obama as the role model for other companies, they are expecting to double their use of renewable energy by 2020. Walmart has shown that going green is environmentally and economically a great business decision.

Auto Industry Greening Up and Cleaning Up

General Motors has been on a rollercoaster ride for many years. Facing a tough economy, high fuel prices, and low sales, they always find a way to survive. Today, General Motors is thriving and joining the environmental conscience and going green. General Motors is educating employees, recycling waste, and beautifying their plants. This is all in addition to advances in electric cars in their lineup.

Solar Roofing and the Electric Car?

When you think of Tesla, you probably think about the electric car. Tesla is still a leader in innovative vehicles, such as the self-driving car. In addition, Tesla has also set its sights on home energy conservation. They have created solar glass tile shingles, which are available for residential and commercial roofing. The goal is to make them competitively priced compared to traditional roofing materials.

Large Companies in Leading Industries as Role Models

As more large companies step up and go green, the products and services they provide for consumers will strengthen sustainable product availability for everyone. In the long run, using renewable energy, recycling materials, and reducing energy costs is good business. Businesses see the benefit of going green and are banking on the fact that people will support their efforts, making it a profitable choice as well. The diverse industries starting to go green are inspirational and drive us all toward a greener society.

Green Jobs

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