Project Titan
Apple’s not-so-secret undertaking, “Project Titan" has led many to think that Apple is creating an electric car.

Apple vs. Tesla: Who Will Create the Better Electric Vehicle?

The cars and trucks we drive are a major cause of global warming. Collectively, vehicles account for nearly 1/5 of all emissions in the United States, emitting 24 pounds of green house gasses per gallon of gas. To efficiently cut down on the amount of harmful gasses our vehicles release into the air, we must consider adopting greener solutions, such as driving fuel-efficient or electric cars that produce fewer emissions than their traditional counterparts. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists USA, electric cars can potentially produce zero emissions if the electricity comes from a renewable source.

Although the development of environmentally-friendly cars is nothing new, industry giants Apple and Tesla are starting to compete to release their own electric vehicles. While they are not yet on the market, both companies plan to have some huge releases in the next five to 10 years. But, how will this affect our environment?

Apple’s Big Secret

Apple’s not-so-secret undertaking, “Project Titan” has led many to think that Apple is creating an electric car. A large team of engineers with automotive industry experience, including former Ford Motor Company and Mercedes Benz employees, is said to be working on the project outside of Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California. The moldable metal organization called Liquidmetal has filed 17 patents with Apple, 14 of which happened in the last year.

As we progress, the way we drive cars is going to change drastically. Many electric cars today get the equivalent of 120 miles per gallon, about 50 percent of the cost of conventional cars using fossil fuels, according to Make Use Of. This means Apple’s new electric car could be one of the most efficient automobiles on the market, competing with Tesla Motors.

However, Josh Linkner, writing for Inc., believes that Apple must move “Project Titan” to Detroit, Michigan. The auto industry has a stronghold in Detroit, so it will be much easier to access domestic and international materials there rather than in Cupertino, which has a central location. If Apple creates a manufacturing plant in Detroit, the cost and affect on the environment will be significantly less versus transporting the goods and materials to California.

Tesla’s Electric Cars

But, Tesla seems to be one step ahead of Apple. Tesla Motors plans to build more service centers and plans to create advanced batteries in partnership with Panasonic at a gigafactory located in Reno, Nevada. Furthermore, Tesla is currently the number one electric carmaker. The all-electric Tesla Model S received the highest score ever awarded by Consumer Reports, a 99 out of 100. The Tesla Model S uses autopilot with a forward-looking camera, radar and 360 degree sonar sensors in addition to real-time traffic updates that work in harmony to guide the vehicle through curves and follow the roads to match the flow and speed of traffic. The Tesla Model S also boasts the highest safety rating in America, awarded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Drivers ready to make the switch from their cars that consume fossil fuels to an eclectic vehicle can use KBB to browse new vehicles online. Consumers can search prices and features and can compare the Model S to other electric vehicles as well.

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