Jasmine Howard

Jasmine Howard is a freelance writer who touches on various topics and niches that relate to her everyday life. In addition to writing in her free time she also enjoys traveling and getting to know the world around her.

How to Be Green in 2015

Green in 2015

It’s February, which means by now most of you have probably abandoned your ill-fated quests to get fit and quit smoking. However, there is still hope for one item that isn’t exactly at the top of most New Year’s resolution lists: live greener. Now is a great time to begin a healthier and more sustainable life; you can make real headway on ...

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4 Ways to Make your Boat Eco Friendly

Boat Eco Friendly

In many ways, it seems as if spending time on a boat is one of the most eco-friendly things you can do. Sailing a boat on the open water, catching fish using only a fishing line, or exploring hidden coves and islands are all great ways of connecting with nature while maintaining a conscious level of respect and harmony. Unfortunately, ...

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