John Courtney

John Courtney is a sophisticated professional powered with broad-based experience in Agile Project Management and E-commerce with Fortune 500 companies. Exhibiting superior talents in prioritizing and managing complex cross-functional projects, identifying and removing impediments, coaching teams to adopt Agile engineering practices and continual improvement to ensure scope, quality, time, and cost of projects are met. Aside from leading Agile projects, John spends his time running U.S. Green Technology a green content aggregator and news blog that provides perspective on green technology trends and innovations.

Is Artificial Grass a Realistic Option for Your Home Landscape?

Artificial Grass

You may turn your nose up at the thought of fake grass. But with an array of realistic offerings, artificial grass is becoming a boon to the home industry.

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Will Self-Driving Cars Mean Serious Cuts in Air Pollution?

The concept of self-driving cars is no longer futuristic; it’s making its way into the mainstream. According to IHS Automotive, 21 million self-driving cars will be sold globally in the year 2035. However, that doesn’t mean self-driving cars aren’t quickly coming to the market. The IHS Automotive forecast also shows 76 million self-driving cars will be sold globally through the ...

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Unique Ways To Make Your Retail Business More Eco-Friendly

Better Environment, eco-friendly

A study conducted by Nielsen found that millennials in particular have demonstrated extreme interest in becoming eco-friendly.

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The World’s Data is Going Green

Going Green

Going green is a big part of the tech industry's focus in 2017 and beyond, but it's not our gadgets making the biggest impact on climate change

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Tips for Shopping for Green Home Products

green home products, eco-friendly

Companies and advertisers have finally caught on to the people's desire for green home products. Manufacturers and retailers are offering [read more]

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5 Ways to Find an Energy-Efficient Solution in the Cloud

Energy-Efficient Solution

Adopting cloud-based technology is a smart choice to save money and also provides an innovative means to adopt a more energy-efficient solution.

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5 Trends Making Cars More Eco-Friendly

electric vehicles, eco-friendly

The acceleration of consumers deciding to purchase eco-friendly cars is continuing to take shape...[read more]

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