Maryann Ann

Mary Ann Keeling is an environmentally-oriented writer and business consultant who is deeply concerned about ecological issues. She lives an active lifestyle in her hometown Brisbane, and regularly donates to local Charities such as Mater Prize Home Lotteries and their Cars for Cancer.

Modern Eco-friendly Homes – 5 Ways to Make Your Home Stand Out

Eco-friendly homes, Eco Real Estate

Modern eco-friendly, or "green" homes are quickly become the favorite choice for homebuilders and homebuyers today. Eco-friendly homes are more valuable

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Negotiate a Greener Future

Green Future

How to Negotiate a Greener Future More so than ever before in the history of humankind, technology is moving fast. It seems every year or two sometimes new comes along that totally changes the game. We’re not sitting stagnant for hundreds or thousands of years anymore, in fact if you went to sleep tonight and woke up even just ten ...

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Evolution of Green Technologies

Green Technologies

Technology has always been meant to improve humanity and the world we live in, and in large part, it has succeeded. However, the road to achieving the desired results of technology often ends up having adverse effects on our ecological system. Although the damage to our ecosystems is being documented and reported to us on a daily basis, we have ...

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Green Charities – Another Way of Helping the Planet

Green Charities

Sustainability has never been a more important issue, and any section of society that can help address environmental responsibility and work towards that sustainable future is warmly welcomed by governmental institutions and the general public. The need to persuade all types of organisations to start taking actions to prevent climate change is getting bigger and bigger by the day. Charities ...

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