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BMWi: It Started with a Vision of Zero-Emission Vehicles


Nowadays, people from around the world have become more and more interested in keeping the planet healthier by adopting a green lifestyle. Their habits have improved in terms of eating, home interior design trends as well as their life on four wheels – such as the BMWi – by adopting clear and green principles of living. There are now zero-emission vehicles available for purchase and driving opportunities that help us make the best choice from this perspective. Let’s discover their advantages below.

What Are Zero-Emissions Vehicles

For those who may not have heard of these amazing vehicles yet, we would like to define them to enable a better understanding of the concept of these green car opportunities. Such a vehicle is one that does not emit any tailpipe pollutants from their source of power. Such pollutants that are emitted by cars that are not yet following the green principles are harmful both to our health and the overall well-being of the environment on this planet.

The initial term of ZEV or zero-emissions was coined by the California Air Resources Board and referred only to those pollutants that reach the air from the onboard source of powering the vehicles. This means that the negative effects of these cars were then perceived only from the point when the car started operating and until it reached its destination where it was turned off.

However, the most important thing is to focus on are the healthier options that are now available on the market and which bring a wide variety of air benefits depending on the source of electricity used to recharge modern vehicle batteries.

The Zero-Emission Vehicle Program in California

The Zero-Emission Vehicle Program in California includes state regulations that require all automakers to manufacture and sell electric trucks and cars in California. There are three main type of cars that can be considered at this stage and from this perspective. We have the category of plug-in hybrid cars that combine the convention gasoline powered engine with modern batteries that have become rechargeable truck electric grids.

Second on our list today come the battery electric cars that focus entirely on electricity for their operation and which can also be recharged by using an electricity grid. Third, the hydrogen fuel cell cars run on electricity as well but the type that is produced from a fuel by means of hydrogen cars. These are the ones that are produced in California under this program and which have become popular around the world.

All car drivers have already understood the importance of driving vehicles that do not affect the environment that surrounds us and which affects the quality of life for ourselves and future generations. There are still necessary steps to be followed until the mass shift in car technology will be established around the world but the great news is the rise in awareness among vehicle drivers around the planet.

Famous Zero-Emission Cars Available for Purchase

The truth is that 100% electric cars are not the innovation of this year or recent ones. These have been available for more than 100 years now. However, they have not been promoted properly so many of us did not know much about their benefits or were convinced of the fact that these could operate properly on any given road.

However, nowadays you can drive a BMWi3 electric car, the new Nissan Leaf or a Renault Zoe that will help you travel around the world thus keep the environment free of fuel pollutants. If you are more into Volkswagen cars, you should know that your favorite manufacturer also has options for you to consider from this perspective: Volkswagen e-Golf and u-Up.

For vans fans, there are also opportunities that can help them enter the green world of vehicles. Nissan e-NV200 or the Combo version of the same vehicle as well as Renault Kangoo Van ZE are great cars to consider if you want to adopt the new trends of clean living and driving. The opportunities are there for all of us to embrace – we just need to become more familiar with these vehicles and understand why it is better to go for such technology rather than stick to the old one.

Choose your favorite electric car this year and start the new driving experience of your life with the best oz wheels.

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