Eco Friendliness

Branding Your Business for Eco Friendliness

Using eco friendly products is a great way to get the word out on your company or nonprofit organization. Unlike decades before, more businesspeople know about the detrimental effects of overusing energy and the environment. They also know that they need some way to market their products and services. That is why they combine eco friendliness with marketing to create eco friendly promotional products. 

Green Paper or Plastic

Now when store cashiers ask whether you want paper or plastic, they can feel good about it. Many eco conscious stores make daily use of custom plastic bags and store tote bags. Green plastics are easier to degrade in the ground or water. Some tote bags are made from safe, natural products like hemp or organic cotton. The designs are appealing to the customers, too, without looking too bland. With the help of online design companies, people can create their own custom tote bags with a mouse pointer and good imagination.

Giveaway Events

It is easy to give away eco promo products at various professional events like trade shows, conventions and contests. Trade show giveaways are attractive offers to anyone who does not like going to these events. Unlike discounts and coupon deals, these items are given away completely for free.

Special Customers

Another tip is to market to specific customers based on age, professions, hobbies or any other characteristic. People feel more valued when businesspeople go out of their way to reach them. There are online companies that allow people to print specific names, titles and messages on tote bags and other items like pens and mugs.

Proper Timing

Selling or giving out promotional products is only effective if the timing is right. For instance, giving out tote bags during a winter snowfall is not ideal. Tote bags are open containers that could get swamped by the snow. Businesspeople must use proper common sense to know the right and wrong time to promote certain products. Weeks before the start of the advertising campaign, it is ideal to start the promotion process. That way, people know about the giveaways long ahead of time.

It is always good to consider specific seasons and holidays when handing out products. No matter the type of business, it is ideal to celebrate these special times of the year. During the Christmas season, smart businesses bring in extra profits by catering to as many people as possible. Creating seasonally minded products is the way to increase the profits during certain months, especially if the sales are slow.

Promotional products are used to increase the recognition of any company. Nowadays, green businesses can choose products that are reusable, organic or safe for the environment. This decision is particularly important for a popular company that reaches out to thousands or millions of people. It is a good idea to support other eco aware companies that do not support the wastage of gas, water or energy. There are many reasons why eco friendly promotional products are here to stay for good.

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