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Green Cars Common Among Buyers

Car Buyers and Green Cars

Green cars concept is now common among people. However, people were unaware of such cars just two decade ago. Such cars are becoming popular among people to some extent. Companies are showing interest to manufacture them, but there are certain realities that we have to realize. Do not consider me as a controversy theorist. Recent surveys have shown that people want to get green but at a low cost. That means people are not willing to pay high amounts for green cars. Where will such attitude take the green cars in future? Surely, the production of green cars will be less and combustion engine cars become more popular again. Consumers cited gas saving as the most important reason to buy a green car.

Hybrid Cars

Many people are showing interest to buy hybrid cars but hybrid cars percentage in total cars is low. One of the latest survey revealed that consumers want to improve their environment but not at the stake of high costs. If the hybrid car is available in the price range of normal cars, than consumers intend to shift to them. The personal cost of consumers is very high.

Another recent Polk study has found that that Hybrid owner do not always go for another Hybrid. Except for Toyota Prius, only 22% of Hybrid owners replaced their previous hybrid with new hybrid. The major reason for such response is the cost factor. Some consumers also go for downsizing so they look for cheap vehicles. While mileage being the incentive for any car, many consumers are now buying Ford and other cars that are giving nearly the same mileage as Hybrid cars in a low price.

Electric cars

Electric cars are also very expensive for normal consumers. Companies are trying to minimize the cost but under present circumstances, it is very difficult to minimize. In order to produce cars in normal price range, many companies have introduced two seater small cars. However, many consumers are reluctant to buy small cars. The biggest car market of electric cars is US. Sales of the smart electric mini cars have remained small and it decreased from 14000 to 6000 between the years 2009-10. Many buyers have rejected the idea of small cars and only incentive they are seeing presently is that they require small parking space.

It is predicted that Hybrid and Plug-in cars will be able to grab only 10% of new cars sales by 2016. So in order to increase their sales, the companies have to work hard to minimize their MRSP and improve overall efficiency.

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