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The Right Person for Green Job

CareerBuilder: Find the Right Person for Green Job

There is plenty of information out there on how to find a green job in the environmental industry, but what about for employers looking to make a new hire?

Most job seekers looking for “green” employment won’t have any experience within the industry, so employers are forced to compare apples to oranges when looking at qualifications. So how do they know who is the right person to fill the role?

CareerBuilder has generated articles targeted toward these job seekers that might also be helpful to employers. If you, as an employer, know what jobs they are looking for and why, you’ll know their motivations for entering into the industry, and can then help determine their qualifications. The articles below show a couple themes: the desire for a change of scenery and high salary potential.

In general, those seeking employment in the green industry might be looking for a career switch to get out from behind a desk. CareerBuilder examined 18 high-paying non-desk jobs and found two within the green industry: wind turbine service technician and solar photovoltaic installer. Check the article to find their median hourly rates–the ultimate motivator! This second article delves into jobs for outdoorsy types and shows a correlation to employees seeking to free themselves from an office setting.

As for their qualifications, CareerBuilder can help to narrow the field. U.S. Green Technology is currently a partner with CareerBuilder and thus offers job seekers the perfect solution for job searching, resume writing, interview tips and more; job seekers can even search over 1.5 million jobs to find the right employment opportunity! Be sure to post your job on CareerBuilder to find the highest qualified and most relevant job candidates–it’s the number one recruitment site out there!

Green Jobs

How to Apply for a Green Job With the demand for green jobs skyrocketing so far in 2017, giving yourself a unique edge can be difficult—yet absolutely necessary—in order for you to become a proud worker for Mother Earth. Follow these steps to successfully claim your next environmentally friendly employment opportunity. 1. Resume: Make sure … Continue reading..

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