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Hasbro is committed to developing innovative ways to reduce packaging, maximize the use of recycled materials, and uphold its commitment to sustainable sourcing. There is zero PVC used in toy and game packaging, and 85 percent of paper and paperboard packaging is made from recycled paper or materials from sustainably managed forests. The company also achieved zero waste to landfill from its manufacturing processes in its owned and operated factories. Top 10 Green Companies in the U.S. 2016 - Newsweek

Green Business Through Easy And Affordable Ways

Green Business

Initiatives for green business are fascinating for a reason. They are important for the environment and the balance of any company’s budget. Any company that participates in going green with their business is reducing the negative impact on our planet and at the same time it has a better working environment. In the past few years the companies that took the green incentives had a lot of tax deductions in their businesses. Steps in going green do not have to cost a lot. A lot of things could be done by simply changing the way we recycle.

Green Business – Think rational

A lot of businesses that are office-based waste too much paper and printing equipment. If it must come to printing try the non-brand toners because they are often 70% cheaper and work as well as the labeled ones. This may save a lot of money. Ordering your employees to print only double side copies will help you save more. You can also make a deal with your suppliers to switch to chlorine-free paper and save up from 30% up to 100 percent by recycling. You can find the paper price calculator by EDF on their website to see the benefits of getting a better quality paper. A better solution is avoiding using paper if you have a small business. You can do this by canceling the paper you receive from your financial institutions and by switching to electronic payment with your customers and suppliers. This can also provide security for your small business because the majority of frauds are committed using paper.

Green Business – Reuse

By using porcelain mugs your company can save around 125 cups each day. Commercial and office waste are approximately 35 to 45 percent of the solid waste in the United States. Reusing binders, folders and envelopes as well as pen refills and tape dispensers can also have positive an effect on your budget. Use shredded newspaper and used cardboard boxes for sending packages. Make a room for stuff that can be reused and make your employees check these supplies before ordering new ones.

Green Business – Eco office remodeling

Furniture with volatile organic compounds or VOC is bad for your health and it is something that you should avoid at all costs. You can buy a lot of recycled office furniture for a good price and this way you do a good thing for your environment. Even if you are buying paint for your office walls make sure it says low or zero VOC paint. Carpets can also release these chemicals so look for ones made out of natural material. If you do not know where to start with making your office an eco-friendly one, it is best to get an advice from the green audit consultant.

Green Business – Recycle

Have a personal container for recycling paper that you can later exchange for new supplies. Encourage your employees to bring their own personal junk mail and recycle it. This is a good way to save money and go green with your business.

Green Business – Energy savings

Switching to energy-saving compact fluorescent light bulbs is a wise thing to and you can save power up to 75 percent. Tell your employees to always turn off the computers and other equipment at the end of the day. Install the energy management software that can track the activity of the hardware to make sure your employees follow this rule. It is recommended to find a professional engineer who is familiar with the lighting systems as well as the heating and the cooling systems who can optimize their usage. You can also find the energy management programs that will pay for energy reduction.

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