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Green Jobs

How to Apply for a Green Job

With the demand for green jobs skyrocketing so far in 2018, giving yourself a unique edge can be difficult—yet absolutely necessary—in order for you to become a proud worker for Mother Earth. Follow these steps to successfully claim your next environmentally friendly employment opportunity.

1.  Resume: Make sure that your resume is black, white and “green” all over. Keep the format professional, but make sure that your past job or volunteer positions showcase your passion for the environment, and use buzzwords such as “sustainable,” “locally produced” and “conservation.”

2.  Cover Letter: Talk less about yourself and more about the earth—and about your prospective employer—in your cover letter. The letter needs to emphasize why you have an interest in an environmental green job and how your skills can help the company to advance its eco-friendly agenda.

3.  Interview: Know the potential employer inside-and-out by diligently researching the company. Pinpoint an area or two where you know that the company could use improvement—from a sustainable viewpoint—and be sure to emphasize this during your interview.

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What is a Green Job?

In today’s world, the term “green job” often elicits the image of a man hard at work installing a solar panel on a roof, or a picture of someone posing near a stegosaurus spine-like blade on a wind turbine.  But the idea goes beyond this: If you can count, can walk and can talk, then you likely don’t need Mr. Sun or Brother Wind to help you to land your next  job. Just be yourself.

The prevalent idea in the modern economy is that any job can be a environmental friendly job. Several industries are increasingly adopting more responsible practices, from accounting to health care and even hospitality. And if you’re into communications, no matter what company you work for, it will need a public relations person to communicate the business’ environmentally friendly philosophy.

Chances are that whatever your career interest is, you will be able to find environmental green jobs that allow you to capitalize on both your personal skills and your passion to keep Mother Earth thriving for years to come.

Examples of Green Jobs

Some notable examples of green jobs are:

  • Environmental Jobs
  • Environmental Science Jobs
  • Geology Jobs
  • Forestry Jobs
  • Horticulture Jobs
  • Environmental Engineering Jobs
  • Wildlife Jobs
  • Sustainability Jobs
  • Conservation Jobs
  • Renewable Energy Jobs
  • Wind Turbine Technician Jobs
  • Solar Jobs
  • Wind Energy Jobs
  • Ecology Jobs
  • Entry Level Environmental Jobs

Green Jobs Growing in Demand

Although green jobs come in many shapes and sizes, a few choice areas are piquing many job seekers’ interest in 2013. Here are the top three eco-friendly careers that are growing in demand.

1.  Solar Panel Installer: Solar panels are growing in popularity for both business and residential use because they are becoming less expensive to make while efficiently generating electricity that saves both costs and the environment. China, in particular, plans to double its installed solar capacity in 2013.

2.  Green Job Entrepreneur: Going into business for oneself is becoming a new trend in the still fledgling economy, and with a little creativity, people are turning their passions into businesses that thrive as the environment takes center stage. Are you interested in providing environmentally friendly cleaning services, selling earth-friendly cosmetics or even starting your own eco-friendly bakery? You’re not alone this year.

3.  Environmental Engineer: Engineering is certainly becoming more noticeable, and many firms are looking for workers who can apply their math and science skills to make water control, air control and waste management a daily focus—from the corporate setting to the cul-de-sac.