Geology Jobs

Geology Jobs a Critical Piece to the Alternative Energy Puzzle

Geology involves more than simply identifying rocks and creating detailed maps. It is about helping humans today to better understand the natural changes the planet may experience in the future so that future generations are better prepared to handle them. U.S. Green Technology will use this section to explain what today’s geology jobs entail, their future demand and how you can increase your chances of getting into this field, which is ripe with more jobs than people to fill them.

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Outlook for Geology Jobs

Geology jobs include those of scientists who study the earth’s processes and structure and play a significant role in environmental protection. They essentially take part in projects designed to reclaim and preserve land. Engineering geologists may help with environmental cleanup projects and work to mitigate natural hazards as well.

The geology jobs area is slated to increase by 16 percent during the next 10-year period. Below, we provide extra information about this viable job field:

  • Expected job change through 2022: 6,000 more jobs
  • Median pay in 2012, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics: almost $91,000 a year

How to Get a Geology Job

Geologists usually need at least a bachelor’s degree, although some research positions require a doctorate degree. A degree in fields such as geosciences, computer science, engineering, biology or chemistry can be helpful.

Geology jobs are in such high demand because more governments, businesses and consumers realize the need to manage energy, land and environmental resources more responsibly. Geoscientists also will be increasingly important in the areas of wind farm construction and thermal/solar energy plant construction, as these renewable energy technologies will require large plots of land and thus may impact wildlife and environmental processes. U.S. Green Technology is proud to provide you with updated information about the growth of these technologies and how their growth could impact the job market in your area.