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You have to depart your comfy bed each morning to don your work clothes, fight morning rush-hour traffic and potentially fight your feelings toward your co-worker and boss—all the while doing a job that you simply don’t care about whatsoever. Can you imagine how much more fulfilling your life can be if you’re actually doing a job that is bigger than you, and bigger than your company? Environmental jobs offer that opportunity, and in today’s world, finding environmental jobs that offer multiple benefits couldn’t be easier.

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Demand For Environmental Jobs

Pursuing work in the environmental career field makes sense, as more emphasis is being placed on being ecologically friendly in virtually all industries. This is because saving the planet is a pressing issue, as today’s experts realize that failure to preserve the earth’s resources now will deprive future generations of their benefits down the road. Working in the environment allows you to work toward sustaining people and animals, even as the United States has made the commitment to decrease its greenhouse gas emissions by 17 percent during the next 30 years when compared with 2005 levels. Environmental Jobs can lead to better forestry management and cleaner air, for example, with positions for conservation and forest workers expected to rise by 6 percent through 2016.

Opportunity For Environmental Jobs

Working for, in and with the environment not only gives you the opportunity to finally experience self-fulfillment in the job circuit but also it provides you with the chance to grow in your professional skill set. Your new ideas and innovations will be valued in this constantly evolving field, even as you strive to make a positive difference in the health of the planet. In fact, the demand for environmental scientists is anticipated to rise by 25 percent between 2006 and 2016, according to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics. Even if you don’t have the desire to specifically become an environmental scientist, you can still work for environmentally minded companies using your unique skills, whether that includes conducting presentations, managing budgets and reconciling accounts, engaging in marketing and public relations, and training aspiring environmental field employees.

Environmental Jobs Available

Environmental jobs come in many forms and are common in industries such as utilities, technology, retailing, distribution, construction and manufacturing. Many of these Environmental job fields require creative individuals who can come up with new ways to recycle a wide range of materials, manage drinkable water sources, decarbonizes the economy, eradicate pollution and waste that destroys the environment and facilitate the guarding of various ecosystems. Soil science and the inspection of air quality are also growing environmental protection career fields.

Not only will private industry job opportunities continue to grow but also environmental job opportunities in the non-profit and government sectors will remain vibrant. For instance, consider job opportunities with the Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Forest Service or the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Some of the most in-demand positions in the environmental jobs sector include those of environmental technicians/scientists, energy efficiency consultants, hazardous materials removal specialists and environmental engineers. The opportunities are endless for the American worker who is looking for that job that will finally make a difference for current and future generations.