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Solar Jobs On The Rise

One day, no matter where you turn, you could be coming into contact with a solar cell in some of the most inconspicuous places. When you pick up your iPhone, for example, the screen cover could be a solar cell. And when you open your blinds and peer out of the window, you really could be looking directly through a solar cell without even realizing it. Despite the struggles that the solar jobs industry has endured in past years, the future of solar jobs remains promising, and if modern inventors and researchers have their way, solar cells will become more a part of our daily lives than we could have ever imagined.

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Solar iPhone Cover?

Startup companies such as Ubiquitous Energy are trying to live up to its name—making solar energy present everywhere. This includes coating a wide variety of surfaces with solar cells in the form of transparent films that cover the screens of personal computer tablets and electronic readers. Currently, existing solar cells cannot be transparent because they collect light in both the visible and ultraviolet areas of light, while transparent solar cells allow visible light to pass through them.

Wearing Your New Solar Cell

If you want to step out and turn heads this spring, why not spring for a solar cell outfit? It won’t blind your viewers; rather, it will shed some light on the green movement. Researchers today are actually introducing the idea of flexible solar cells that can be woven into clothing. They are thinner than strands of human hair, but they produce solar energy as traditional cells do. This occurs because unlike regular solar cells, which are two-dimensional, these wearable solar cells are three-dimensional. That means that they absorb sunlight from all directions. Imagine wearing a solar cell T-shirt that you can use to charge your phone on the go.  These are the kinds of solar jobs that are emerging in the industry today.

Solar Jobs: Past and Present

The solar jobs industry admittedly has experienced some hiccups in the past, but it is slowly overcoming these struggles and is becoming a trendsetter in the green energy world. It’s hard to forget about the whole Solyndra debacle, where the California-based  solar power business that went bankrupt in 2011 even after being given $535 million in federal loan guarantees. This Chapter 11 bankruptcy was controversial in that it cost American taxpayers $400 million.

The solar jobs industry continued to experience consolidations and bankruptcy troubles in 2012, but contrary to the popular belief, that year also was characterized by a record number of solar power installations. The cost of solar energy is drawing nearer to that of coal and gas, and as it becomes more affordable, it definitely is a major contender in the energy world.

Solar Jobs Opportunities

The outlook for job opportunities remains positive in the solar energy field. If you’re interested in breaking into the solar jobs field, training programs can help you to become a solar installer. From there, you can advance to positions such as those of lead installers, sales representatives or systems designers. If you solid manual dexterity, then you can explore the possibilities of manufacturing solar panels or even helping to build solar plants as a construction worker as well. No matter what role you play in the solar energy field, you can be assured that it will be an in-demand and potentially lucrative one: Average solar energy salaries are $66,000, according to SimplyHired.