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A few tips may help green employers to hire and satisfy green Millennials in the workplace. Image from SEJ

Millennials to comprise 50 percent of the workforce by 2020

How to Hire and Keep Green Millennials

There are estimates that by 2020, Millennials will comprise 50 percent of the workforce. If you’re looking to hire someone, Millennials will inevitably make up a good portion of your applicants, and though you may not like the thought–they may also be some of your strongest candidates, depending on their education and training.

But a problem with hiring green Millennials is that they often switch jobs within a couple of years. This isn’t an ideal scenario for a green employer, so it’s important to keep in mind their preferences and implement strategies to make them want to stay. Here are three ways to keep your young green talent happy.

Give them a clear growth path

Many Millennials will leave jobs because of a lack of career advancement opportunities. They still have decades left to work, so the decisions they make now will influence their long-term trajectories. It’s important to provide a formal progression path, mentorship, and training opportunities to keep them feeling like they’re moving forward. Always look for new approaches to help your green employees to develop their skills, earn promotions, and grow their careers with you rather than hopping around.

Allow for More Work/Life Balance

Millennials want flexible work environments. A study showed 62 percent would leave their current jobs for an opportunity with more flexibility. So evaluate how you could make your environmentally friendly company also a more family-friendly work environment. Allow them to telecommute occasionally or work remotely. Provide more time for family commitments. Consider a flexible work schedule and child care support.

Better compensation

You saw this one coming, right? For many, money is the ultimate motivator. 49 percent of Millennials would leave their current positions for more money. But it also doesn’t necessarily just mean salary. Consider your total compensation package (salary plus benefits). Is it competitive in your sector of the green industry? Making a more attractive package can help you bring in and retain more employees from the Millennial demographic.

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