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Wind power supports 88,000 well-paying jobs

Wind Energy Jobs: Find a New Career

The American Wind Energy Association released a report indicating that lower costs for wind energy contributed to a surge in wind industry activity and jobs during the second quarter of 2016.

According to the AWEA, more than 18,200 megawatts of wind power capacity are now under construction or are in advanced stages of development. Meanwhile, major utilities have announced plans to develop and own up to 2,600 megawatts of new wind energy-generating capacity. The uptick in wind energy development means more living-wage green jobs are becoming available in this sector.

Kansas has the most wind energy on its way, with 778 megawatts in new construction. Iowa (551 MW) and North Dakota (400 MW) are second and third, respectively.

Chief executive of AWEA, Tom Kiernan, pointed to the United States Congress’s extension of a performance-based wind energy production tax credit of 2.3 cents per kilowatt hour as a reason for the growth.

“The industry is thriving thanks to policy stability, and we appreciate support from champions in Congress for a multi-year extension of the PTC,” he said. “Wind power supports 88,000 well-paying jobs, and the wind turbine technician is the fastest growing profession in the U.S. This is what an efficient, performance-driven policy delivers.”

If becoming a wind energy turbine technician sounds like an attractive employment opportunity to you, now is the time to position yourself well in this industry through training. A two-year associate degree program will give you an introductory look at the technology used in wind energy turbines. You will also learn about how to stay on top of the routine maintenance of these technologies. These types of undergraduate programs are expanding vigorously across the United States in an effort to keep up with the demand for wind energy professionals today.

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