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Wind Jobs – Top Five Wind Energy Companies

Wind Jobs – Top Wind Energy Companies in the World

If you’re tired of watching your boss blow hot air and finally want to get into a career that will add some more wind to your sails, then wind jobs are an obvious choice at this point in your career. Even before you jump on the bandwagon of wind job seekers who are pursuing education, try contacting companies to find out the exact areas in which they are hiring so that you know exactly what types of classes to focus on. The top five wind energy companies to work for can give you some insight on their own hiring plans and needs and what you have to do to make them your next employer.

General Electric

Believe it or not, General Electric leads sales in the area of wind turbines in the United States. This company also is the biggest producers of wind turbines across the globe. More than 10,000 wind turbine installations are linked to this large company.

FPL Group

FPL Group actually is the biggest wind farm owner in America. NextEra Energy Resources is the group’s subsidiary and generates enough electricity to cover two million residences through the nearly 8,000 megawatts of energy it has installed in the United States.

Suzlon Energy Limited

India-based Suzlon Energy Limited is ranked as one of the top five wind energy producers in the world. The company manufactures and installs these large devices and continues to strive to be a top contender through its breaking-edge technologies and focus on customer service. It actually is the most valuable wind energy company in the world due to its net worth, and earlier this year, it won a 150-megawatt order in Oklahoma.

Thomas and Betts Corp.

The Thomas and Betts Corp., based in Memphis, manufactures support structures for wind energy turbines, including electronic and electric parts as well as steel towers. This public company is a leading supplier of these specialized goods and is able to accommodate both large-scale and smaller-level developments in the wind energy industry.

Siemens AG

Siemens AG is a leading wind industry company that also focuses on other industries such as healthcare. In fact, this Germany-based business employs nearly half a million people, with wind jobs being a growing area. In the United States, about 70,000 people are employed the company. The company’s revenue back in 2008 was more than a whopping $110 billion.

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