Company Pioneers Green Tech for Heating Homes

Pioneer Environmental Offers Green Services in Chicago - Image from Pioneer Environmental

Pioneer Environmental Geotechnical Geothermal Services, headquartered in Chicago – the home of U.S. Green Technology – is not afraid to take part in the accelerating green movement. This consulting and contracting firm in the environmental and engineering services industry is looking for potential employees who are willing to help sell its innovative green technologies.

The Geothermal Heat Exchange Division (GHEX) Division of Pioneer Environmental Geotechnical Geothermal Services is growing quickly. GHEX uses energy from the earth to cool buildings in the summer and heat buildings in the winter in a way that is ecologically friendly, energy efficient and cost efficient. The GHEX green technology is increasing in popularity in the United States because it works well without costing homeowners large amounts of money.

GHEX is appropriate for use in both commercial and residential establishments and is renewable, so it decreases users’ environmental footprints. GHEX is so effective because temperatures below the earth’s surface remain constant even when atmospheric temperatures fluctuate by the season. These consistent temperatures are helpful for addressing uncomfortable temperatures in buildings.

As its GHEX Division continues to develop, Pioneer Environmental Geotechnical Geothermal Services needs someone who can help market the innovative technology.
To find out more about this Pioneer Environmental Geotechnical Geothermal Services green job, visit the recent link below.

HVAC Equipment/Geothermal Technical Sales Representative:

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