Contributing to a Greener World

For several years now, global warming and the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has made some of us rethink our lifestyles, the things we buy, and how we build our homes and businesses. When this whole global warming thing started, the first ones to blame were corporations; and while they do hold most of the responsibility and have the biggest impact on the environment, homeowners can affect the environment as well, whether it is positively or negatively.

The American consumerist society has contributed greatly to global warming and it is consumerism has led to the destruction of a big part of the Earth’s natural resources. If you never have, I recommend watching The Story of Stuff  so you get some perspective on what consumerism, greed, and big corporations are causing.

While that video does suggest that most of the environmental impact comes from large, powerful corporations, we are all part of this world and thus, we have all contributed to the current situation. Luckily, there are still things we can do to improve our world and emend our mistakes. Little by little we can start reverting the damage we have caused our environment, working all together from big companies to small homeowners.

The smallest details can contribute to a greener world. For instance, have you ever gotten foggy windows at home? I know most people would leave a problem like that go on for several months before replacing the window. That’s a big mistake because foggy windows are an indicator of low energy efficiency at home. Having foggy windows can highly increase the energy bills at home and thus the energy consumption, so you should try to replace the failed insulated glass unit as soon as you can.

The main benefit of using insulated glass units (IGU) on windows or doors is energy-efficiency. IGU’s or double pane windows can significantly reduce the cost of heating and cooling. Double pane windows have a seal in between which prevents the cold or warm weather from outside to enter the inside of a house or building, so regulating the temperature from the inside becomes easier. But when the seal has failed, the weather from outside starts to penetrate the inside and therefore it takes more energy to regulate the indoor temperature.

These energy-efficient windows are more expensive than regular windows but they will definitely make up for their price with lower energy bills! With a little extra effort, this investment can save you money over the years and save the environment some energy! This is only one of the many things homeowners and businesses should think of and start doing. The time to act is now. Every little detail matters – from energy efficient windows, to solar panels, to recycling! If everyone contributes to a better world maybe there can still be hope, hope for a better, clean world.

Credit Monica Kroos on Google+

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