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Creating Affordable Green Energy through Collaborative Purchasing

What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of solar energy? Space stations? Tiny homes? Huge urban buildings?

For Dr. Christopher Wedding it’s about affordability.

In a recent article published on the g-bit blog, Dr. Wedding, co-founder and CEO of g-bit, writes about how the cost of solar power can be reduced by using group purchasing power.

Collaborating with like-minded communities and corporations can have a huge, positive impact on creating affordable access to greener energy. Where there’s demand, there’s power, and where there’s power, there’s a need for collaborative effort.

A little creative thinking and savvy strategizing is needed for businesses to tap in to market demand for affordable and accessible clean energy. Dr. Wedding highlighted three key questions businesses and communities should consider as actionable steps to becoming active in bringing affordable power to market:

  • Corporate real estate owners: How can you aggregate demand for solar power across your various regional locations, instead of one-off contracts, to create bargaining power with solar developers and third-party system owners?
  • Real estate investors: Can you achieve economies of scale by procuring solar electricity from the same solar power provider for multiple properties instead of a single asset? And don’t forget about the potential for solar power on top of parking lots, which can create potential marketing benefits for leasing up space more quickly given its high visibility.
  • Cities, counties, and universities: How can you jump over silos and aggregate rooftops and underutilized or blighted land to excite solar developers to build multiple megawatts of solar power at utility-scale prices?

By tapping into potential demand and networking with industry and community peers, collaborative efforts can have a hearty impact on growing the clean energy movement.

As much content and lobby groups that exist and work hard to advocate for clean energy and affordable access, there’s a gap between collaborative efforts to make the change and simply reading about what’s needed to make those changes.

Aligning with other corporations, community members, and investors to change the accessibility and affordability of clean energy can reap a bounty of positive impact. Bringing affordable solar power to market via collaborative purchasing can reap loads of benefits: Investors from the real estate industry can tap into commercial and community demands, bringing to light smarter location options and networks of interested communities. Local cities, towns, and universities can provide access to blighted land and private real estate, such as parking garages and large building rooftops, for potential installation locations. Commercial real estate owners can leverage bargaining power and land contract negotiations, driving up demand with developers and other clean energy industries.

Instead of buying up opportunities, options, and investors, collaborative purchasing creates a smarter and more effective community think-tank that uses available resources and knowledge and knits it together in a smarter, more affordable package for the community at large.

Connecting the dots between three separate, but powerful, industries can create a powerful collaborative voice that not only drives up demand but provides opportunity and action through group purchasing power and drives consumer costs down to affordable rates.

By tapping into Dr. Wedding’s insights from the g-bit blog and customizing the content and white papers available to your business via g-bit’s services, your community and your business can not only observe the effects of collaboration, but be an educated and innovative participant in changing the way our communities and government source, use, and manage energy sources.

g-bit offers customizable content so you and your business can tap into research, market data, and other industry-specific content tailored to your needs.

Want to be involved in a collaborative purchasing effort? Looking to join forces with other like-minded businesses? Want to stay in-the-know on relevant research and findings? g-bit gives you the access and knowledge you need to be an active and innovative member in the green movement, no matter the industry you’re in.

Ready to make the transition from reader to activist? Check out what g-bit can offer you and your business.

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