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Green? 4 Things to Think About When Building in Dallas

4 Things To Think About When Building a Home If You’re a Green Family in Dallas

You gain much freedom when you build a new home in Dallas, Texas. Green families should look forward to the planning and construction process because they can choose features that match their eco-conscious beliefs.

Before you build your new home, make sure you think about the following four features. They will benefit your family and the environment.

Add Solar Panels to Lower Fossil Fuel Use

The Dallas-Fort Worth area receives more than 230 sunny and partly sunny days each year. Take advantage of the abundant sunshine by adding solar panels to your new home.

You’ll capture the most energy by choosing a location that’s free from tall trees, buildings, and other items that might block direct sunlight. Even utility poles can cause a slight decrease in your solar panel system’s energy production.

Solar panel sensitivity varies depending on the company you use. Make sure you talk to a solar panel service provider about the best way to install panels on your home.

Choose a Location Near Work and School

Green families should spend some time thinking about how their commutes affect the environment. Ideally, most of your daily activities will take place in the same community. Even if you drive an electric vehicle, you don’t want to waste energy driving across town to work or school every morning.

Consider what Dallas neighborhood your family spends most time occupying. If possible, you should build your new house on a lot in this area to help you save transportation time and help protect the environment.

If you prefer using public transit, then you should look for a home in Dallas near a bus line.

Install Fast Electric Vehicle Chargers

The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex has hundreds of electric vehicle charging stations that you can use. Installing a fast charger at your new home, however, makes driving more convenient and helps you make sure that you don’t have to use gasoline during your travels.

Home chargers must convert AC to DC power that’s compatible with your car’s battery. Most families prefer level two chargers that can add 10 to 20 miles of range within an hour.

Plan an Appropriately Sized Home

Building a new home means that you have much control over its size and shape. You can reduce your impact on the environment by choosing a home plan that’s appropriately sized for your family. If your house is bigger than necessary, then you’ll use extra building materials and energy than someone living in a smaller home.

Think carefully about how much space your family needs and look for ways to conserve materials by making every square foot of your floor plan useful. With a little planning, you can build a comfortable home without falling into extravagance.

Dallas’s relatively warm weather makes the area a terrific place for green families to build homes. Don’t let the climate do all the work for you, though. You can help save the environment and make your home more comfortable by following the above green concepts.

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