DTE Energy Co. Moves Forward with $485 Million Wind Plan

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Michigan’s DTE Energy Co. on Thursday was approved for a $485 million renewable wind energy contract that will allow it to purchase 120 megawatts from Tuscola Bay Wind LLC. The contract lasts 20 years and will create up to almost 290 green jobs.

The 9,000-acre wind farm that will generate the wind energy that DTE plans to purchase is located in Saginaw, Bay and Tuscola counties and will be up and running in 2012. The DTE wind energy should be a sufficient amount to serve more than 30,000 houses. The green jobs created from this project include 10 to 12 permanent positions in green jobs as well as 250 to 275 construction green jobs.

“We’re proud of the role that we have been able to play in energizing this new industry in Michigan and contributing to the economic revitalization of the communities that will host renewable energy facilities,” said Trevor Lauer, vice president of marketing and renewable for DTE.

More Emphasis Being Placed on Wind Energy Farms

The company NextEra Energy Resources LLC is the parent company of Tuscola Bay Wind and intends to invest $250 million in the wind energy farm project. It also will own this wind energy farm.

DTE aims to have 1,000 megawatts of renewable energy by 2015, so the wind farm project places it at the halfway point to achieving this objective. In addition, Michigan electric utilities such as DTE must reach a minimum of 10 percent renewable energy – which includes hydroelectric, biomass, solar or wind options – by 2015, according to state officials.

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