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Eco-Lifestyle Pick of the Week: No More Bottled Water

U.S. Green Technology | Where Main Street Meets Green Street
Bottled water isn’t worth the waste. Image from urbancanteen.com

On the quest to live a healthy, low-impact eco-lifestyle, drinking more water is a good thing. But it stops being good when you’re drinking bottled water. Every year, bottled water generates 1.5 million tons of trash, which is produced by more than 47 million gallons of oil. Most bottled water isn’t any purer than tap water, and it costs more than gasoline. Instead of buying bottled water, switch to green technology such as a stainless steel bottle with a filter.

Did you get stuck on “it costs more than gasoline?” Seems incredible, right? If you buy a 20 oz. bottle for $1 (the size available in many vending machines, although finding a $1 vending machine isn’t easy these days), the cost comes to about 5 cents per ounce.

If gasoline costs about $4 a gallon, and there are 128 ounces in a gallon, the cost of gas comes to just over 3 cents per ounce.

You’re not paying for purity, despite the pictures of alpine springs. Green technology testing proves that most bottled water isn’t much different from what comes out of your tap. Maybe that’s because most bottled water isn’t checked by the FDA (as most bottled water doesn’t ship past state lines).

Green technology such as carbon filters can give you water as pure as or purer than bottled water: Just fill your own stainless steel personal water bottle. You can also fill jugs at grocery stores with green technology purifiers installed. (Whole Foods comes to mind.)

The bottled water craze may be the best trick beverage corporations have pulled on us. Getting people to pay for something they already have is a great business, but it’s bad for the environment, your wallet, and your health. Green technology such as filters and personal bottles are safer all around.


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  • Bottled
    water is not only bad for your healthy but also it is one of highest
    contaminants in the world. The energy and smoke that are produce during
    the elaboration of plastic bottles is really harmful. it is better to
    have a reusable bottle you can carry with you everywhere; I know that
    tap water is not safe that’s why I have inside my reusable bottle a
    water purifier called aquasmarter. You can google it or search on
    youtube it is an amazing product and it does help the planet.

  • AdMichaels

    Bottled water is by far the worst choice when looking to drink water, tap water just ahead, but filtered water with a carbon filter isn’t much better. You need a water purification system such as reverse osmosis. Yes, this may waste 1 gallon to every gallon of pure water, but the health benefits of removing all of the pollutants in our water definitely outweighs the wasted water.

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