Arbonne Eco-Lifestyle Pick of the Week: Recycling Household Cleaners

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Admit it. You’ve held up an almost-empty can of household cleaner thinking, “Now what the heck do I do with it?” Failing to find recycling instructions, you tossed it in the trash (feeling momentarily shamed). That’s the only option, right? Wrong! Green technology makes recycling cleaning products and packaging possible.

If you need to get rid of remaining cleaning product, the best option is to use it all up. You can also donate it to a friend or organization. Churches, start-ups, and non-profits often accept such donations. Just be sure you keep the label intact.

Can’t donate it? Don’t worry. First read the product’s label and see if there are any specific disposal instructions. If not, think about how the product is used. Is it designed to interact with water? You can safely pour that down the drain. Most household cleaners are formulated to go down the drain anyway, to be processed with green technology by municipal water treatment systems.

If it’s a powder, sprinkle it down the drain with running water a little at a time, so it doesn’t form clumps in the pipes. It can be hard to empty a partially full aerosol can yourself, but many recycling centers have green technology to fully drain them. Give your recycling center a call and ask whether they accept partially full cans, or whether they can recommend a hazardous waste disposal center. The same goes for solid cleaning waste, like bars of detergent.

Most plastic packaging can be rinsed out and sent to recycling without special green technology arrangements. Aerosol cans can be taken to aluminum or steel recycling collection points. You may want to save your empty containers until you have enough to justify a trip to the recycling center, and switch to eco-friendly cleaning products.

By Jennifer Bunting

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