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Ecotourism Spotlight This Week: Belize

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U.S. Green Technology | Where Main Street Meets Green Street
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Are you looking for a unique vacation spot this year – a place that offers you plenty of opportunities for R&R while also giving you the chance to appreciate Mother Earth? You’re not alone. Ecotourism is becoming more popular, as it allows travelers to enjoy a pristine area of the world while fostering a respect for other cultures and for the environment. For many of these travelers, the country of Belize tops the list of places to visit.

This country is situated on the northeastern0 part of Central America and is a little larger than the size of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Because it is the only country in this region where English is the official language, you don’t have to worry about experiencing a language barrier. However, it still is a diverse country featuring a variety of languages and cultures, so it still offers a unique experience for the traveler. In addition, you can make your trip extremely green by driving straight through Mexico to Belize if you embrace a long road trip adventure and don’t want to contribute to airplane pollution.

Belize is ripe with plenty of ecotourism attractions, from rain forests over which you can take a Zip-line tour to scuba diving and snorkeling spots. You can even explore this country’s underground sinkholes, rivers and caves, which still feature human artifacts and remains from the time of the ancient Mayans.

Natural parks, preserves and reserves dot this country, and Belize also is spearheading community-based tourism projects that benefit the nation’s small communities. Tourists are in the country are encouraged to protect Belize’s marine ecosystems and the Belize Barrier Reef, conserve water and electricity, respect protected species and avoid wildlife habitats. The country definitely is a leader in promoting sustainable tourism and thus is a great fit for the environmentally focused traveler.

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