Energy Efficient Homes

Environmentally Friendly Flooring Options

Environmentally Friendly Flooring

If you are investigating options for renovating an older home or building a new domicile, it’s likely that you may want to combine both economic value and eco-friendly materials that will withstand years of wear and tear. Below, we’ll examine a few of the better options that satisfy these criteria. This article should serve as a good starting place. It ...

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Digital Powerhouse is the Future of Housing

Imagine a house that thinks and works like a smart phone. This will be the future of housing. For years now, we have been enjoying the perks and advantages of smart phones. As these smart technologies become prevalent, the future homes that we first thought to exist only in the movies are close at hand. Take away the old rotary-dial ...

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6 Steps To Live Green In 2014

Live Green

A wise man once said ‘You are the choices you make’. And, he was absolutely right. Everything we do in life as (ir)responsible human beings reflects both our lives and lives of others, and ultimately it affects the Planet Earth that has kept us safe for so long. In life, we rarely have time to stop and think of those ...

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Green Urban Planning Can Save Our Earth

Green urban planning is necessary to facilitate green living, but the politics of urbanity pose challenges with regard to making this possible.

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Progress and the Looming Energy Catastrophe: A Way Out

U.S. Green Technology | Where Main Street Meets Green Street

Energy consumption is driven by many factors but mostly it is guided by the growing consumer culture sweeping the world. Just look at more affluent countries; they have more means than their third-world counterparts to buy various goods and this correlates to the amount of energy they consume. The United States alone has a population that represents less than 5 ...

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Surefire Tips on Saving Money and Energy at Home

Are you struggling with high energy bills each month? If so, then there are easy and environmentally friendly ways that can help you bring them down to a reasonable figure. High energy bills are always attributed to posh lifestyles and ignorance, but it doesn’t mean that you have to live an austere life to help you cut down them down. ...

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The Way to be Environmentally Friendly

As you probably know, most requiring and challenging engineering projects nowadays are related to high environmental and health needs. The projects are always meant to produce equipment that eases the performance of tasks, but it is important to address the future in a positive and proactive manner through working to achieve environmental conservation rather than degradation. Hence, each individual around ...

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