Energy Management

Green Cloud Service in Canada

A new green cloud service facility in Canada is helping to provide green jobs and make the Web even greener and thus more environmentally friendly.

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Go Green with Cleaner Data Center Management

Data Center Management

Data is hot right now. It makes our preferred lifestyles a reality rather than a possibility. From algorithms and trend reports to complex programs that put us face-to-face with friends and colleagues across the country, everything is made possible with data. But as important as data is, it’s often not very energy-conscious. Data sucks up a LOT of energy, from ...

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USGT Green Light Series: Sears Holdings Sustainability Team, Building a Greener Company

SHC Sustainability

The Greenlight spotlight series takes a look at innovative professionals and businesses disrupting environmental trends with green-focused technology. From automotive to building to energy sources, industries are being disrupted daily as smarter and more innovative green technology becomes available. Name: Sears Holdings Company Sustainability Team Mission: Build a greener company through engaged associates, partnerships, and sustainable operations. Contact: Paul Campbell ...

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Cook County Cooks up Plan to Go Green

cook county

Cook County—the home of U.S. Green Technology—has been cooking up a plan to make this popular county greener than ever before. The county’s leaders are investing in sustainability in a major way by implementing a creative approach to managing energy and financing. One of the best things about the county’s “green" approach? It doesn’t involve taking a bite out of local taxpayers’ “greens."

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Two Chicago-area Hospitals Leading in the Green Movement

Green Movement

Two Hospitals in the Chicago Area Are Taking Extra Steps to go Green

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6 Steps To Live Green In 2014

Live Green

A wise man once said ‘You are the choices you make’. And, he was absolutely right. Everything we do in life as (ir)responsible human beings reflects both our lives and lives of others, and ultimately it affects the Planet Earth that has kept us safe for so long. In life, we rarely have time to stop and think of those ...

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Why the Environmental Management Plan is Vital to Your Next Project

The green movement has been embraced by most developed countries, and it extends far beyond recycling aluminum cans. In the construction industry, it means considering the safeguards for protecting the surrounding environment, accurately assessing the cost of those safeguards and putting the plan into place. Ideally, the environmental management plan (EMP) should consider everything from the disposal of solid wastes ...

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