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How to Reduce your Carbon Footprint with Eco-friendly Glass

Carbon Footprint

Glass products offer great advantages in terms of their strength and looks with one of the biggest features to minimize carbon footprint

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Green Tips to Reduce Energy Use

Heating Bills, Green Tips

4 Green Tips to Reduce Energy Use in Your Home If spotting the monthly energy bill in the mailbox strikes fear in your heart, take heed. The following green tips will help reduce the amount of energy you use in your home and save you money. All Bulbs Are Not Created Equal A great way to cut back on energy ...

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CES 2015 – Green Technology Home Solutions

Green Technology, Carbon Footprint

Multiple green technology home solutions are designed to help you to reduce your ecological footprint while also saving money each year.

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Going Green in the Kitchen

When you think of your home and technology, your kitchen probably isn’t the first room to come to mind. Surprisingly, though, there’s a lot of tech, both electronic and analogue, available for your kitchen that won’t wreak havoc on the environment or your energy bill. From Energy Star-rated appliances to smarter gadgetry to even what you cook up in your ...

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Eco Friendly Home Design Online

When you think of your dream home, what do you envision? Is it a small, cozy cabin tucked away in the countryside, a charming, family friendly Colonial, or a sprawling, modern estate with state-of-the-art amenities? Whatever your style, it’s important to care for not just your home, but the earth on which it stands. In 2014, our carbon footprints have ...

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Environmental and Financial Benefits of Using LED Lighting at Home

As more people become conscious of the need to conserve the environment, one of the strategies that have come to the fore is that of using environment friendly energy and gadgets. This has led to the introduction of Light-Emitting Diode otherwise known as LEDs which are semiconductor sources of lighting in many homes. The advancement of technology has seen these ...

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Ways to make your garden more green

Garden is a place that surrounds the house and makes the area cultivated and refined, in other words, it makes it more comfortable for living. They have a protective role besides the visual aspect because well organized groups of shrubs and conifers may protect against wind and snow. The high hardwood can provide shade and freshness in the summertime and ...

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