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Green Energy Park Utilizes Green Technology Waste Refinement

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Rochester Hills, MI-based Waste Refinement, LLC, announced today that it is bringing to market a new, environmentally friendly, and proven green technology that will transform the way communities process their waste. According to the announcement, Waste Refinement has developed an Integrated Green Energy Park utilizing the latest green technology. The Integrated Green Energy Park will result in consumer waste separation, ...

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Panasonic Announces Investment In EcoNavi Green Technology

Image via Google Images Panasonic, the Japanese multinational consumer electronics corporation headquartered in Kadoma, Osaka, Japan, plans to raise the bar on consumer electronics by investing in the latest green technology innovations. Already the largest Japanese electronics producer with revenues exceeding $79 billion USD (2010), ranked in 6th place out of 18 in Greenpeace’s Guide to Greener Electronics, and globally ...

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Internet-based XCI Cloud Sprinkler Watches Weather For You

Green Technology | Where Main Street Meets Green Street

Los Angeles, CA-based green technology firm Cyber-Rain might have the coolest new green technology innovation for lawn care since the first lawn mower was invented by Edwin Budding in 1827. Cyber-Rain, an emerging green technology leader in providing groundbreaking smart sprinkler controller systems, has developed an easy-to-use Internet-based smart sprinkler controller system that reduces landscape water usage by 30-70%. Automatically ...

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Khosla Ventures To Raise $1 Billion For Green Technology Fund

U.S. Green Technology | Where Main Street Meets Green Street

Vinod Khosla, the Indian-born American venture capitalist and an influential personality in Silicon Valley, is looking to raise $1.05 billion USD for his firm Khosla Ventures according to a filing submitted today. Started in 2004, Mr. Khosla’s Menlo Park, CA-based firm focuses on venture investments in various technology sectors, particularly in clean technology. The funds Khosla Ventures already manages, Khosla ...

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