Energy Efficiency

Ultra Sustainable Vehicle Options That Don’t Require a Plug

BMW Hydrogen 7 Review

If it seems like you are seeing more energy efficient vehicles on the road than ever, you’re correct; in fact, the U.S. Energy Information Administration reports that approximately 11 million vehicles in the United States use some type of alternative fuel to get around. Additionally, 2 million hybrid-gas-electric and diesel-electric vehicles are all over our highways and byways. While electric ...

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Seven Tips to Throwing a Green Barbeque

Green Barbeque

Seven Tips to Throwing a Green Barbeque There is nothing quite like a great summer barbeque. Inviting friends and family over to enjoy a perfect evening and great cooking is one of the best ways to enjoy your weekend. Unfortunately, it is also one of the worst ways to add pollution and waste to the environment. Between the smoky grill ...

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Energy Efficiency is helpful for Clean Air regulations

clean air regulations

In December 2011, the US Environment Protection Agency notified the new Mercury and Air Toxins Standards to limit the emissions of heavy metals like mercury, nickel, arsenic and chromium from coal fired boiler plants. Besides power plants, coal fired boilers are used for process steam in industries such as steel, paper and cement. These heavy metals are found in small ...

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Facts about Green Building

green building

When we talk of green building, many aren’t really sure what the whole thing is. It is a complex notion with so many factors involved, and if you are a fan of living green then you should definitely read through this article. If you are struggling with the term ‘green building’, chances are you may have heard of it under ...

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Companies Going Green to Benefit the Environment

Companies are increasingly going green as a way to show their support for a more environmentally-friendly business world. There are numerous motivations that drive companies to make the decision to go green. Companies going green are trying to express their sincere commitment to end pollution, while other companies go green as a way to garner consumer support and grow profits. ...

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5 More Things Schools Can Do To Green Up

Green-friendly university campuses

In the fall of 2013, we published a post called “7 Best Green Ideas for Schools.” With the technology always evolving, though, and with the reduction of carbon footprints being increasingly important, we thought it was time to offer you a few more things your school district can and should do to “green up.” 1. Solar Panels There is a ...

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Digital Powerhouse is the Future of Housing

Imagine a house that thinks and works like a smart phone. This will be the future of housing. For years now, we have been enjoying the perks and advantages of smart phones. As these smart technologies become prevalent, the future homes that we first thought to exist only in the movies are close at hand. Take away the old rotary-dial ...

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