Energy Efficiency

Modern Eco-friendly Homes – 5 Ways to Make Your Home Stand Out

Eco-friendly homes, Eco Real Estate

Modern eco-friendly, or "green" homes are quickly become the favorite choice for homebuilders and homebuyers today. Eco-friendly homes are more valuable

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Add Value To Your Home With Eco-Friendly DIY Projects

Eco-Friendly DIY

Giving your home an eco-friendly DIY makeover has many benefits, including cutting your utility bills down, but one of the best things about a remodel

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The Benefits of Sustainable Building

Would We Benefit From The Continued Growth Of Green And Sustainable Building Construction? The words sustainable and green in the context of sustainable building planning has become a controversial topic which typically elicits two responses. First, some people believe that the initial cost of constructing buildings that are green and sustainable will have a profound, negative effect on the economy ...

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The Future of Eco-friendly Architectures

Eco-friendly Architectures

While it's may still take some years before eco-friendly architectures start becoming the standard, the good news is that the green revolution has already begun.

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Green Tips to Reduce Energy Use

Heating Bills, Green Tips

4 Green Tips to Reduce Energy Use in Your Home If spotting the monthly energy bill in the mailbox strikes fear in your heart, take heed. The following green tips will help reduce the amount of energy you use in your home and save you money. All Bulbs Are Not Created Equal A great way to cut back on energy ...

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Emerging Technologies Revolution

Emerging Technologies

What Emerging Technologies Will Revolutionize The Construction Industry? The process of building construction is very complex and it is a fine example of human multitasking. Although the industry has been around since man started building homes and having land ownership, it is an ever-changing industry. New technologies and materials are constantly being introduced to construction in order to make the ...

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Tips for superior energy efficiency

energy efficiency

Tips for superior energy efficiency of your home The U.S. Energy Information Administration predicts that global energy consumption will increase by 48% by the year 2040. A 2015 global energy status report shows that the percentage of renewable energy growth had risen to approximately 19.1% of global energy consumption by 2013. That figure is expected to continue to rise. In ...

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