Energy Efficiency

Tips for superior energy efficiency

energy efficiency

Tips for superior energy efficiency of your home The U.S. Energy Information Administration predicts that global energy consumption will increase by 48% by the year 2040. A 2015 global energy status report shows that the percentage of renewable energy growth had risen to approximately 19.1% of global energy consumption by 2013. That figure is expected to continue to rise. In ...

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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Green Technology, Carbon Footprint

Stunningly Simple Ways to Significantly Reduce Your Carbon Footprint There is no shortage of ways to “go green” or otherwise help to reduce the size of our carbon footprint. However, not many of them are what one would call simple. Fortunately, we decided to take the time to track down the easiest ways to significantly decrease your dependence on nonrenewable ...

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Peak 10 Big Step Toward Sustainability

Last September, National IT service provider, Peak 10, made news when it began construction on its third data center facility in Tampa, Florida. The new 60,000-square-foot facility, built to withstand a Category 5 hurricane, is constructed of 100 percent concrete, and has now been recognized by two statewide organizations for outstanding sustainable design.

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Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Floor Insulation, Eco-friendly, energy efficient

How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient When building a perfect home, you have to have in mind that it has to be perfect for the environment, too. You cannot have it all, but you can make your home comfortable, decent and energy efficient. These few tips are easily applicable when building a whole new house, and for remodeling ...

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Green Roofs Improve Energy Efficiency

Emerging Technologies

Installing a green roof offers property owners a fantastic opportunity to decrease their energy costs while also increasing environmental efficiency. While converting to a green roof isn’t precisely inexpensive, this improvement could easily pay for itself in just a few years. Plus, studies have shown that green roofs help people breathe easier by reducing air pollutants as well as provide ...

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Green Building Challenges

Green Building

Overcoming Green Building Challenges The benefits of green building are numerous; green buildings can positively influence various environmental, economic, and social factors. As global warming becomes an increasingly pressing issue, green building is becoming increasingly relevant, with its importance continuing to grow. However, some of challenges impact anyone considering investing in or starting a building project, and they should remain aware ...

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7 Ways Buildings are Eco-friendly Today


7 Ways to Make Buildings Eco-friendly Today Shelter is one of humankind’s most essential needs, yet our buildings are some of the biggest culprits of wasteful energy consumption. Even if we ignore the monumental energy costs of construction, residential and commercial structures require more than 40% of the nation’s energy to provide protection, and comfort. Much of this energy is devoted to ...

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