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Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

When building a perfect home, you have to have in mind that it has to be perfect for the environment, too. You cannot have it all, but you can make your home comfortable, decent and energy efficient. These few tips are easily applicable when building a whole new house, and for remodeling your house to be more eco-friendly and not to waste any energy.


Bad windows can be one of the most frequent causes of loosing heat and energy, which causes your bills to be extremely high. You should think about replacing them, and good windows are expensive but the quality pays and reduces other expenses. Older types of windows are not as energy efficient, so think about double panel ones. These and other vinyl frames are better than single pane windows and aluminum frames. Also, low-E windows provide better insulation and let more sunlight enter the room. You can also taint your windows, and you will be surprised how well they keep unwanted heat or cold from getting into your house. The cheapest thing you can do is opening your blinds, move the curtains aside and let all the sunlight get in and refresh and heat up your house a bit.


Without a good insulation, winter and summer seasons could be your worst nightmares. During the winter you could be losing a lot of heat through the walls, and the same goes for the nice cold air during the summer. What is more, your bills could go through the roof because of hard effort to keep your house cold or warm. What you need to do is make sure to have proper insulation, but don’t forget to insulate all home extensions on your house as well. Add new or additional ceiling and attic insulation, and insulate all of your walls with caulking or weather stripping techniques.


If you have any appliances that were passed down to you from your family, get rid of them or do not use them. Older appliances consume more energy than the newer models. The best thing is to call experts such ones for oven repairs to have your appliances checked. Or simply replace the old ones you will save energy, time and lower the bills. When shopping for new appliances, like dryers, washing machines and stoves make sure to do a little research and find the ones that are the most energy efficient. Also, before setting up new appliances you should have experts to check out and do some electrical work on your installations. This will provide you with more stable installations and your new appliances will last much longer. Another important thing to remember is not to overuse appliances. Use them only as much as you need, and when you do not use a certain device you should turn it off to save some energy, especially if you have the habit of leaving them plugged into the wall.


If you still use the older incandescent bulbs you are probably losing more energy than you actually need. By switching to compact fluorescent bulbs, even though they cost more, you will save money because these last up to 12 times longer. There will be no exploding light bulbs in your bathroom and bad lighting in your house anymore. Also, you can mix things up a bit and keep some of the incandescent bulbs in less used areas of the house and fluorescent in other rooms and you will notice a dramatic change in the usage of energy.

Your dream house should resemble one energy-efficient and eco-friendly house. By upgrading your home in this direction everyone will be happy – you, your electric company and your planet.

Author’s Bio: Lana Hawkins is a student of architecture from Sydney, Australia. She writes about landscaping and interior design, and is especially interested in sustainable architecture and ecology. She regularly writes for Smooth Decorator.

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