Dept. of Defense Drives Clean Energy Market

Quick—who’s the largest consumer of energy in the world? China? Europe? None of the above. It’s the U.S. Department of Defense. Our military’s consumption of energy makes it a prime candidate for going green, saving money, reducing our country’s environmental footprint, and creating more energy jobs. The DOD isn’t blind to this fact. It’s going to accelerate it’s green technology use over the next twelve years.

The DOD is composed of various branches which, when taken together, easily constitute the biggest user of clean energy in the world. The Pike Research report, “Renewable Energy for Military Applications,” shows that the military will be spending about $1.8 billion on its goal of filling 25 percent of its energy needs with green technology by 2025.

The report analyzes the current state of, and the future projections for, green energy in the Army, Navy and Air Force, at military bases and in department facilities. It also examines the development of the Navy’s Great Green Fleet Strike Group, which will be powered by biofuel, hybrid systems, nuclear and synthetics.

The military isn’t narrowing its focus when it comes to choosing a renewable technology, either. The report mentions solar, wind, biomass, waste-to-energy, geothermal, fuel cells and hydrokinetic power. With so many avenues open, opportunities look good for green energy jobs to support the military’s ambitious goals. The report also includes profiles of contractors, developers, and others involved in creating energy jobs to get the work done.

There are three main ways all this clean technology will come into play for the DOD: solar power, transportation, and actual energy generation and efficiency at U.S. bases.

The DOD’s goals may be ambitious, but they’re far from unlikely. Research analyst Dexter Gauntlett is hopeful about the DOD’s prospects. “Most of these initiatives have gained considerable momentum, and many of the targets will be achieved.” The green energy jobs sector is expected to expand with the military’s plans.


Credit John Courtney on Google+

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