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Fuel cell technologies are taking off in the US and should be more widely used in 2017. Image from BERKELEY LAB

Widespread Fuel Cell Adoption Creates 180,000 Energy Jobs

Energy Jobs: How about Hydrogen Fuel Cells?

Fuel cell technologies are starting to pick up in the U.S. This means energy jobs opportunities will continue to grow. The industry employs everyone from engineers to factory workers and truck drivers. The training or experience required depends on the role you’re interested in.

Where are fuel cells used?

On the road! New fuel cell electric vehicles are hitting the pavement in the U.S. and are becoming more widely available. Hyundai and Toyota are leading the charge. Meanwhile, several other manufacturers have plans to put their FCEVs on the road in 2017. Fuel cells also power forklifts and emergency backup power units. The costs continue to decrease, and the technology continues to grow into other areas, including prime power application.

What will the industry growth mean for the job market?

The American Solar Energy Society ranks fuel cells as the third fastest-growing renewable energy industry. It comes after biomass and solar. The industry is expected to continue to experience significant growth. This will open a bounty of employment opportunities. According to one study, the widespread adoption of fuel cells could create 180,000 new jobs in the U.S. by 2020.

These positions will open in roles that involve developing, manufacturing, operating, and maintaining fuel cell systems. There will also be positions in the delivery of these systems. The industry’s expansion into large-volume markets will further create significant environmental benefits across the nation. States like California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Ohio, New York, and South Carolina all have major hydrogen fuel cell programs underway.

Sites like  offer resources to research the industry, find training, and even search for employment.

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