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Wind Jobs Opportunities for Techs

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Wind jobs remaining a growing sector of the green energy field, particularly in the United States.

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Energy Jobs: Solar Jobs Shining Brightest in Modern Economy

Solar energy is the fastest-growing sector of the energy jobs industry in the United States.

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Private MLM Energy Companies

mlm energy companies

We don’t normally think of energy companies as multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunities, but the number of these companies continues to grow annually. Energy deregulation has created the opportunity for individuals to capitalize on the resulting financial benefits. Once restrictions and regulations are stripped away from an industry, government controls are also removed. Energy deregulation is underway on a state-to-state basis. ...

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Thinking Green: Think Outside the Firm

If a company needs to make big changes, it is usually time to look outside for help. Start by considering how hard it is for an individual to change. For a company, it might sound easy to change – after all, a company change can be a direct order from the executive office. But most executives know that you can’t ...

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Dept. of Defense Drives Clean Energy Market

Quick—who’s the largest consumer of energy in the world? China? Europe? None of the above. It’s the U.S. Department of Defense. Our military’s consumption of energy makes it a prime candidate for going green, saving money, reducing our country’s environmental footprint, and creating more energy jobs. The DOD isn’t blind to this fact. It’s going to accelerate it’s green technology ...

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Both Oil and Green Energy Can Shake Hands for the Sake of the Economy

Oil has always been pitted against green energy in a battle between black gold and “green” gold. Still, experts say that in light of the recent U.S. presidential election, maybe it is time for both green energy and black energy to unite under the new president so that the benefits of both can finally shine through—both on the save-Mother-Earth front ...

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Do You Know What Will be a Wellspring of Opportunities for Vets and Civilians Alike

Whether you are leaving the overseas battlefield to enter the battleground of the modern American job search market, or you’ve never donned a military uniform but are preparing for one of the biggest fights of your life—the job search—2013 is predicted to be the year of the Energy Job. The employment outlook in 2013 looks positive for both veterans and ...

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