Energy Jobs: Planting a Tree Can Be Worth a Year’s Salary

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No, it’s not spring – but fall is still a perfect time to plant a tree. Sure, planting a tree can be a job – but it can be a lucrative one over the long haul. In fact, you can expect to receive a year’s salary back over the lifetime of the tree, experts say, for a variety of reasons you may never have considered.

Based on data from the Forest Service, the value of a single tree that is planted at $273 annually will be worth  more than $57,000 over the lifetime of the tree – and this is in 1985 dollars. This value is calculated based on savings in air pollution, the management of soil erosion, shelter for wildlife and climate control.

The job of planting a tree can boost your property value in addition to decreasing  your cooling and heating costs in a major way. In fact, research has shown that trees can decrease energy use in a home by up to 30 percent. Deciduous trees specifically permit sunshine to enter your home in the winter as well as offer shade in the summer season.

A tree also can add almost $13,000 in value to your property when it grows near the public right-of-way. In fact, it adds that same amount of value to every home that is within 100 feet of the tree, according to a Forest Service study in 2010.

Late fall is the most ideal time to plant your tree this year, as this is when trees typically are dormant, rainfall is plentiful and temperatures are cool. In addition, you can get some pretty good deals on trees from nurseries during the fall season, when they are trying to get rid of their stock before winter arrives.

Consider planting a tree your next energy job: It is an easy green job that undoubtedly will yield plenty of benefits in the long run – for Mother Earth, for the beauty of your own property, and for your own wallet.

By YaShekia King

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