Green Energy Jobs: Top Green Energy Stocks This Year

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We’re more than halfway through 2012, and if you’re not seriously investing yet – or you’re too scared to invest due to the volatility of the stock market – then you need some reliable options. Green energy admittedly remains a growing trend, and it’s a trend that can help you to end up with some greens in your pocket if you know how to play your cards right. Here are five green energy companies worth investing in this year in the green energy jobs sector.

1. Waterfurnace Renewable Energy: This company sells geothermal heat pumps and is bringing in the profits. It announced that beginning in March it would distribute a regular quarterly dividend of 24 cents a share.

2. Honeywell: This company provides efficient cooling and heating equipment as well as business controls. This successful green energy jobs company offers an annual dividend of 2.7 percent.

3. Veolia Environnement SA: This business is a world leader in environmental services, providing energy supply and use services. Its annual dividend as of May was 92 cents.

4. Finavera Wind Energy: This small company out of British Columbia and Ireland is a wind energy project developer with great growth potential. In fact, it has solid agreements with successful companies such as GE Energy – the helping hand in the development of Finavera’s first 77 megawatt project in British Columbia. Finavera late last year closed a $442 million private placement at 45 cents a unit.

5. Waste Management: This business is successful in its efforts to transform garbage into green energy. It pays a dividend of 35.5 cents each quarter – an increase of 4.4 percent from last year’s 34-cent dividend.

By YaShekia King

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