Renewable Energy Policy

Renewable Energy Alleviates Sluggish Oil Price Concerns

Renewable Energy, clean technology

As new sources of fossil fuels becomes increasingly frenetic, renewable energy prices continue to drop into range that is competitively priced.

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Obama’s Clean Energy Savings

Solar Power, Electric Company, Clean Energy Savings, Solar Power

President Barack Obama has revealed an exciting new initiative to bring clean energy savings to low-income homes across the nation.

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Apple, Facebook, Google Band Together to Support Clean Energy Availability

Clean Energy

On May 28th, Apple, Facebooke, and Google set aside industry differences and co-signed a letter as TechNet opposing House Bill 332, which is seeking out major changes to North Carolina’s current renewable and efficient energy policies. North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association (NCSEA) is backing the brands’ opposition as it support their long-standing fight for access to clean energy and promotion ...

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Climate Change — A Possible Driver of Future Terrorism Worldwide

Climate Change

When you hear the words “climate change,” images of landslides, melting glaciers and other natural phenomena may instantly pop into your mind. Climate change certainly may be a threat to human life due to the increasing frequency of severe weather events, such as droughts, floods and storms. However, new research shows that climate change can actually make a nation more ...

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What is Germany Doing that the U.S. Isn’t?

Germany is on the same latitude as Maine. That’s nowhere near the latitude of Arizona, which gets more direct sunlight (insolation) than any other state including California, yet Germany leads the world in solar production with more than 17,000 MW. By contrast, the U.S. generates nearly 3,000 MW. So what’s Germany doing right that the U.S. isn’t, which could create ...

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Getting Over the Problem of Green Energy in the US

The green sector is challenging in the US. Despite films such as An Inconvenient Truth—Vice President Al Gore’s crusade to halt global warming’s deadly progress—and the endless campaigning of many, renewable energy has received a large amount of opposition from American policy makers over the years. They appear to be under the impression that being environmentally friendly runs the risk ...

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Massachusetts’ Renewable Energy Industry is Thriving

In recent years, Massachusetts has become a leader in renewable energy policy, strategy and growth.  This past June the state was ranked first by the U.S. Clean Tech Leadership Index for its progressive policies and second for technology development and installation. In addition to these accolades, the state has also enjoyed a booming renewable energy job market. Since 2011 renewable ...

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