Energy Star-Saving Home Improvements
According to the U.S. Department of Energy, up to 25 percent of energy use is lost through leaks around the house such as cracks and gaps in windows and doors.

5 Reasons to Switch to ENERGY STAR Doors and Windows

Benefits of ENERGY STAR Qualified Windows & Doors

A safe and low costing ENERGY STAR home is what most of us aspire to our entire lives. And now we know that a low cost home predominantly comes down to how energy efficient and self-sustaining it proves to be. Luckily we all can do a lot to control how much energy our homes use up and fortunately this also benefits our wonderful planet by expending less fossil fuels.

It makes sense that the points of vulnerability in a home are the windows and doors — the entrances, exits and open and closing components that let the outside come into the inside. Therefore, ensuring these openings are as airtight and efficient at doing their job as possible is key to protecting your home and your energy bills!

Energy-efficient windows and doors usually qualify as ENERGY STAR products for which the criteria is based on ratings certified by the National Fenestration Rating Council. Windows and doors use quality frame or core materials which are durable, low maintenance and reduce heat transfer, and include multiple panes of glass for increased energy-efficiency. Low-E glass, gas fills and warm edge spacers are also incorporated in the manufacturing of ENERGY STAR products.

The benefits of using ENERGY STAR products are numerous; however let’s take a look at our top five!

Higher Home Value

Good quality doors and windows can increase your ROI by up to 80 percent! If you are looking to sell your house in the near future, be sure to seriously consider replacing your doors and windows with ENERGY STAR products, as it can be a job which new home-owners might not wish to tackle after purchase.

Better Home Security

Windows and doors could become less secure as time goes on and points of vulnerability which are of particular concern are of course locks and hinges. In an emergency situation how robust would your windows or doors be to an external force?

Lower Energy Bills!

Yes, it’s not a myth and if you choose to switch to ENERGY STAR doors and windows you will see tangible results very soon; in fact, you could save 12 percent per year on energy bills. Single pane windows tend to be troublesome for home owners as they are simply incapable of conserving energy and hemorrhage heat during winter months especially.

Energy Rebates

Rebates are a home owner’s best friend and utility companies and governments can be quite generous in handing these out to deserving occupiers. Energy efficient windows and doors could mean that you qualify; however, check with the local window dealer and gather all the inside information on the energy incentives which could be available to you.

Better for the Environment

We’re talking both internally and externally! Of course conserving heat in the winter and insulating against the heat in the summer mean that central heating and air conditioners respectively are used less, and energy efficient windows and doors help to do that. Using less fossil fuels protects our planet’s environment and encourages further consciousness about green living.

However, ENERGY STAR windows are also perfect for your inside environment as they not only look beautiful, clean and modern, but they are fantastic for shutting out the noise from the outside world!

If you are energy, safety or money conscious, ENERGY STAR windows and doors could be the products for you. Not only will you benefit from a cheaper and more comfortable lifestyle, but you will also be investing in the Earth’s future by helping the environment.

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