Environmental Jobs: Desalination Plant Coming to San Diego

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San Diego residents will soon find themselves drinking fresh water from the ocean, thanks to a new desalination plant, which will eventually supply seven percent of the area’s water and create environmental jobs.

The Carlsbad Desalination Project, as it’s being called, is a combined project of IDE Americas (a division of the Israeli IDE Technologies), Poseidon Resources, the San Diego County Water Authority, and Kiewit Desalination. The plan’s going to cost $992 million. The tank will hold 204,412 cubic meters of seawater, and 10 miles of pipeline will be installed to transport the treated water.

Over the 30-year duration of the contract, IDE Americas is going to be responsible for operation and maintenance, along with all the environmental jobs it entails.

IDE Technologies knows their stuff. They’ve already designed and constructed over 400 desalination plants in over 40 countries worldwide, creating international environmental jobs and fresh, potable water for thousands of people.

The Carlsbad Desalination Project is on track to be the largest desalination plant in the United States. There are other plants in North and South America, but they don’t produce large amounts of fresh water for the general population. And until now, the American market has been tough to get into.

As of January 7, 20 municipalities in the San Diego County Water Authority’s bounds have signed on to receive desalinated water from the project, which should be up and running by 2016. After that, IDE hopes to move on to create fresh water and environmental jobs in other areas of California, as well as Texas and Florida.

As climate change melts our ice caps and the world’s growing population uses up what remains of our existing fresh water, successful, large-scale desalination projects are giving many people a lot of hope for the future.

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