Several environmental jobs hold promise in today's burgeoning green industry. (Image from

Environmental Jobs for a Sustainable Future

As the world moves toward a more sustainable current and future, jobs working for the environment are high in-demand, and will provide great stability for years to come. Positions like environmental manager, environmental health officer, environmental service coordinator and more are popping up all over the globe.

Several environmental jobs hold promise in today's burgeoning green industry. (Image from
Several environmental jobs hold promise in today’s burgeoning green industry. (Image from

Here are a few jobs to consider if you’re thinking about making the switch to a green career. These jobs require different skill sets but all have the common goal of helping to improve and preserve the planet we live in.

Environmental scientists and engineers assist in areas that have contaminated natural resources. These scientists and engineers will come in to study the water, soil, and air and come up with potential solutions. New products will also be needed to keep the environment clean in the greater public. These must be researched and developed by those scientists and engineers, so it’s a happy mix of field and lab work.

Energy auditors and energy retrofitters help us learn how to save energy and natural resources, while also cutting down the cost. Auditors study residential and industrial complexes and find ways to improve the conditions of their environment. Once they’re through, the retrofitters come in to carry out the work that the auditor suggested. Retrofitters upgrade infrastructure, install energy efficient systems, and more.

Urban growers are helping to put healthy food on tables. Green roofs and urban gardens are popping up everywhere. Urban growers farm within urban areas to produce naturally grown, organic food, void of harmful pesticides and chemicals.

These green jobs pay well and offer the satisfaction of helping your planet. Consider making the career switch now as they will only grow in demand in the years to come.

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