Environmental Jobs: Top Green Franchises You Can Own from Home, Today

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Perhaps you’ve always wanted to work from home, and work with Mother Nature in mind, but never could find a way to achieve this. If the thought of running your own successful environmentally friendly green business from home—thus giving you more job autonomy and more time with family—sounds appealing to you, consider owning one of these top three green home-based franchises.

Become your own green boss, and potentially rake in six figures. The best thing is that this all can be done from the comfort of your own home and for under $50,000—the average cost of starting a business.

1) Maid Brigade: This leading maid service franchise is the only franchise that is Green Clean Certified, and as a result, you have the potential to succeed in your business using environmentally friendly processes and products. You can receive help with the areas of booking, billing, sales and marketing. Liquid capital required: $20,000

2) Naturals 2 Go: This is a leading healthy food vending business that allows you to own a vending machine that features healthier snacks. Vending machines don’t take breaks, working around the clock to deliver change to your pocket. If you’re willing to service the machines just a few times a month, you can spend the rest of the month watching the money roll in. After all, more than 12 million coins find their way into vending machines each hour in the United States, and Naturals 2 Go vending machines also accept credit cards. Liquid capital required: $25,000

3) All About Honeymoons: This company is perfect for those who enjoy event planning and are interested in the opportunity to help clients to plan green honeymoons or destination weddings. You just could become the premier business for eco-tourism trip planning, and with each couple spending about $4,000 on a honeymoon trip, the business could be quite lucrative. Liquid capital required: $30,000

By YaShekia King

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