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European Eco-Trend of the Week: Nature Art Jewelry by Ceca Georgieva

U.S. Green Technology | Where Main Street Meets Green Street
Georgieva weaves leaves and berries into wearable art. Image from cecageorgieva.blogspot.com

Bulgarian textile artist Ceca Georgieva has been taking daily walks for a long time. Being a naturally creative person, it didn’t take long for her to turn the beauty of nature into wearable art. She’s been internationally recognized for her green technology textile creations, but her “nature art jewelry” takes green technology and eco-fashion to new levels.

I’ve come across many a necklace that shapes silver and beads into leaves and berries, and while each piece is beautiful in its own right, they are all copies of nature’s real thing. Georgieva’s designs are the actual real thing. She uses leaves, twigs, burrs, pods and other natural green technology materials, weaving them into gorgeous, wearable works of art. Arwen from The Lord of the Rings would be jealous.

“Working with natural materials not only brings me joy,” said Georgieva on her blog, “but also much wisdom. In even the smallest piece of grass there is . . . history, meaning and purpose.” She takes her own inspiration from nature’s green technology, and each piece reflects the environment it was created it. In this way, her jewelry connects the wearer with the earth on a very personal level–reflecting the local environment–instead of on a broad “this berry came from some tree somewhere” level.

Georgieva works in a studio near Sofia’s Mount Vitosha, where she’s worked for years, despite green technology awards and international recognition throughout Europe and Asia. She could choose a more glamorous lifestyle, but she keeps herself as real as her jewelry. You can find her on etsy.com, and follow her on blogger. How many internationally recognized designers keep so close to their fans?

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