Filter Your Faucet Fluids: 6 Reasons to Avoid Bottled Water

Buying bottled water might seem like the best way to hydrate your mind and body, but doing so has more negative effects than you think. If you can’t resist the urge of drinking water from a bottle as opposed to from your home’s faucet, then you probably need to read the following six reasons why you should avoid plastic filled with H2O.

You’re Producing More Garbage

In case you haven’t realized, when you buy that 24-case of bottled water, you’re taking on the responsibility of throwing away all that plastic too. At the current rate, bottled water produces about two million tons of plastic garbage annually. It takes about 60 million gallons of oil each year to produce that much plastic.

Additionally, more than 80%of people are avoiding the recycling bin and simply throwing their plastic bottles away. Not only does this harm humanity, it also affects the wildlife that comes in contact with this waste.

You’re Leaving Behind a Bigger Carbon Footprint

Transporting water from the source to your home in a bottle is an extensive process involving pipes, pumps, and trucks. Some of these sources are thousands of miles away, leaving you to wonder just how much electricity and fuel is used to power this process and provide people with bottled water. Unfortunately, humans are leaving behind a bigger carbon footprint than they should be, especially since there are alternative sources for H2O.

You Spend More Money

Although it doesn’t calculate the environmental costs that your precious bottle of water has, this calculator will show you just how much you’re spending in comparison to how much you could be saving if you drank water from an alternative source like your home’s faucet. If you’ve made the right estimates and input the numbers correctly, you’ll likely find out that you’re spending about 2000 times more on bottled water than tap water.

You’re Buying in to the Marketing Gimmicks

At what lengths does a company have to market its magical water out to people before they start realizing that it’s a gimmick? Many soft drink companies have taken advantage of the public, promising that their water will make people feel healthier, younger, and give them an athletic. Well, news flash: That’s what water does.

As much as some people would like to think that what they’re buying in the store is better than what’s flowing out of their faucet, it’s simply not true. Tap water is just as — if not more — healthy for you as bottled water. So keep your hard-earned cash in your pockets and enjoy a fresh glass of free water from the tap instead.

You’re Encouraging Privatization

Once private companies get their hands on something and attention is taken away from the public infrastructure, you can bet whatever it is they’re selling has become a luxury item. Although it hasn’t become this bad in the U.S., the privatization of water could one day mean that it’s no longer considered a basic right in this country.

To combat this, keep your money in your pockets instead of giving it to these private companies. By buying products like bottled water, you’re enabling these companies to continue making profits off the public while steering toward this dystopian American future.

It’s Unhealthy

Although the bottled water in the U.S. is considered safe by the Food and Drug Administration in theory, about 70% of it never crosses state lines, making it exempt from FDA oversight. Conversely, water systems in the U.S. are well-regulated and well-maintained.

Although some public safety groups might argue that these systems are aging and contain harmful contaminants, you can easily fix this alleged problem by installing a central water filtration system. Not only does this save you money, since you won’t be spending it on bottled water, but it’s also much healthier for you than any other source.

Water is life. If you want to save your money, the environment and your health, consider ditching the plastic bottles — in the recycling bin, of course — for good and embracing the water that flows out of your faucet.


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