Four Things Green Hiring Managers Are Looking for in You


For many, the job interview is one of the most stressful parts of the job search, and when you are specifically targeting a promising green job, even more pressure exists to not screw up the interview. Getting into the minds of green job hiring managers is a sure-fire way to master the art of speaking their green language and finally hear the coveted words, “We would like to offer you the job.” Here are four tips – straight from managers at green job companies – regarding what tickles their ears during a green job interview.

1. You cannot consider the green job as just a job – it must be a way of life. You need to really emphasize how your goal is to not only strive in the workplace but to also lead a productive green life outside of the workplace. Being green should be not just what you do but who you are.

2. You need to bring fresh ideas with you to the green job company. Don’t expect to step into a new green job position and bring nothing new to the table. The green job field is naturally innovative, so be the job candidate who wants to challenge the status quo and make a difference in a unique sustainable way to the benefit of the company’s clients.

3. You must have some experience with green projects, either through school or past jobs. Your past should point to green thinking, as hiring managers are looking for those whose minds already are deep into the wave of a new green society.

4. You need to drive home that you have strong technical experience in the green job field or solid critical thinking skills if your technical skills aren’t so strong. Take advantage of industry certifications (such as the LEED – or Leadership in Environmental Energy and Design – Green Associate Exam for those in the green building field) that prove that you don’t just know industry buzzwords but that you actually understand what you are talking about.

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