Custom Research

Too busy? Let us do the work for you. As an objective third party, we’ll dig up great content from dozens of trusted sources, and then aggregate and summarize it for you. Meanwhile, you can focus on your core business. Tell us about your specific research needs. We can give you a custom, turnkey offering.


We can help with your custom research needs in clean energy, green building, and corporate sustainability:
Investment due diligence
  • Includes underwriting technologies, teams, geographies, and financial models
Business plan writing
  • Includes business model canvases, market maps, pro formas, SWOT analysis, and related analysis
Peer company benchmarking
  • Includes quantitative or qualitative comparisons of best practices, often on a recurring basis
Strategic market assessment
  • Includes prioritization of optimal markets for your products, services, or investments based on geography, sector, and other factors
Incentive scan and policy assessment
  • Includes an assessment of tax credits, grants, or other government or utility financial incentives relative to your project or product
White paper writing
  • Includes data aggregation and synthesis, or primary research, to support policies, customer awareness, or business development
Global IP strategy
  • Includes the identification of competitive patents and companies around the world, as well as an IP strategy to create differentiation

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