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The mass movement toward driving green technology transportation includes far more than cool plug-in hybrids and electric cars. We also need complex green manufacturing and energy solutions generally known as Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE). General Electric is supplying diverse services and expertise to set itself apart as a main player in this new green technology market.

Roughly 50 companies currently offer a wide variety of EVSE, including industry known and DOE government funded ECOtality, and AeroVironment, Inc. which specializes in manufacturing Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. However, in spite of this heavy competition, I predict GE is poised to thrive and achieve the greatest success for an interesting number of reasons.

First, GE is a leading innovation company at a similar level and sense to Apple in the global commercial marketplace. “GE the giant” has international offices and manufacturing platforms well in place to allow ample production, maneuvering and distribution of all this newly developed green technology. There’s a good reason recent UPS commercials sing about “Logistics” since delivery performance is at the heart of business success.

Second, the GE Energy Industrial Solutions division delivers as promised with innovative product offerings throughout the complex interdependent EVSE systems. For example, solar-powered car ports to enhance electric car charging, arranged through a new agreement with REC Solar, a specialist company in photovoltaic energy. Providing the GE WattStation for level 2 EV charging, this partnership focus is aimed at smaller scale applications.

GE is also targeting larger commercial facilities with its GE EverGold Solar Products which as pictured are impressive to say the least. Almost “Jetson-like” in appearance, the “ecomagination” and GE logos are about as clean, fresh and futuristic as the products this corporation is building. Here is a company that strategically answers to its shareholders and simultaneously keeps its eye on innovation as a philosophy for long range achievement.

Third, GE has the expertise in the one main key capability required for all new electric transportation and green technology integrally interdependent designs: a skilled understanding how to properly utilize, manage and maintain electric-powered grids. Early adopters will easily adapt so long as safety is not an issue, and the technical proficiency plus background in energy means there is ever more potential for green technology jobs GE will need to fill.

Fourth, GE has a phenomenal website and online presence that’s consumer friendly with detailed basics directly explaining all the benefits and particulars about EVSE and why GE is a superior choice. I must commend whoever handles web design and copywriting for GE because the site really brings the whole picture together for any layman or EV newbie to better understand all that’s involved in the complex new green technologies driving our future.

GE is a contemporary modern brand in practice and marketing, definitely one to watch for the 21st Century.  Whether for residential, commercial, small or large scale, I predict GE will emerge #1 for EVSE with proven green technologies that continually advance while some other companies simply fade into the sunset. Additionally, based upon current market conditions for better green technology, GE seems very well poised to be the next Apple.

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