GE Appliances 50 Gal. Heat Pump Electric Hot Water Heater

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If you’re tired of running out of hot water when taking a steamy shower but are afraid of raising your utility costs, consider getting the GE Appliances 50-gallon heat pump electric hot water heater (Sears Item No.: 04232100000; Model No.: GEH50DNSRSA).

The GE Appliances 50-gallon heat pump electric hot water heater meets ENERGY STAR® qualifications in that it decreases water heating operating costs up to a whopping 62 percent. This saves you about $320 each year. This appliance actually supersedes federal requirements for appliances to be energy-efficient. The unit uses just 1,856 kWh/y, much less than the standard electric hot water heater, which uses 4,881 kWh/y.

The GE Appliances 50-gallon heat pump electric hot water heater uses your home’s existing water and electrical connections, so replacing your old electric water heater is relatively simple. In addition, it has a digital control and is about 5.5 feet tall.

The GE Appliances 50-gallon heat pump electric hot water heater features a price of $999.99.

ENERGY STAR® products create green jobs, with green jobs giving more Americans the chance to work while also improving the quality of the environment for years to come.

By YaShekia King

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